Dennis is a micro-econometrician. He is one of the founding executives of Data Resources Inc. (DRI), initially based at Harvard University. From its creation, DRI played a significant role in economic analysis, modeling, and forecasting. DRI was sold to McGraw Hill in 1979. Dennis then joined Ziff-Davis, a major American publishing company with more than 20 magazines and 12 closed circulation industrial newsletters. As Chairman of Ziff-Davis ISG, he acquired BARRA from Dr.Barr Rosenberg, and Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates (WEFA) from the University of Pennsylvania. Six months after his acquisition of WEFA, its founder, Dr.Lawrence Klein, received the Nobel Prize in Economics. Dennis helped transform these academic institutions into the successful commercial enterprises they are today.

After selling WEFA, Dennis became interested in artificial intelligence and natural languages. Along with Dr. Stephen Browne (MIT), Dr. Bernie Hamel (Princeton), and Dr. Harry Brown (Stanford), Dennis co-founded what became Dunn & Bradstreet Technical Economic Services. D&B TES created an artificial intelligence expert survey system that collected over sixty million technologic coefficients regarding the use and deployment of industrial processes and equipment. He sold his shares to D&B in 1984 to become Vice President at TRW ISG.

TRW ISG then operated the world’s largest economic database. It tracked the financial activity of 178 million credit active Americans and 5 million business establishments. In 1985 he was promoted to Group Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer in charge of strategic planning, product development, business development, marketing, sales, and national accounts. He also worked to acquire many information companies which were technologically upgraded and consolidated. While at TRW, he was elected the Chairman of the Information Industry Association, which is the worldwide trade association for information content and delivery system providers.

In 1988 he left TRW to become the Executive Vice President and GM of McDonnell Douglas Payment System Group, then the world’s largest private data network. In that position he also served as Chairman of TeleCheck and as the CEO of the Electronic Data Network, which was the secured backbone system for the defense and intelligence community’s space and military aviation programs. The Payment Systems Group was sold to British Telecom.

Dennis then joined Tommy Kemper (Loeb Partners), Dave Philips (Citi Group), and Daniel “Deke” Jackson (Hambrecht and Quist), to found InfoVest, which acquired information content and system providers. In 1994 they took several of these assets public as CCC Information Systems Group. He then acquired the remaining assets of InfoVest and formed Faneuil ISG based in Boston. Using behavior modeling techniques, Faneuil significantly improved the target marketing of the telecommunications, automotive, and credit card industries. In the course of five years Faneuil went from $5 million in revenues to $116 million in revenues, with over 2000 FTEs. It was sold in 2000, and Dennis retired to study Chinese economics.

In his retirement, he renewed friendships with his Chinese colleagues. He joined China Daily as its American correspondent in 2000. He helped them develop their American strategy and became a contributing journalist for China Daily. He was later appointed the American managing director of China Daily’s China Business Weekly. In this position he gained access to the leading economic policy makers in China.

He subsequently served as the chief American advisor to the State Information Center (the SIC) of the People’s Republic of China. The SIC is China’s largest and most prestigious economic “think tank.” Along with Dr. Joseph E. Kasputys (founder and CEO of Global Insight), he co-founded China Monitor Inc., a joint venture with the SIC. China Monitor’s American operations ended in 2013. The company is now based in Beijing. Dennis remains a director of China Monitor.

As a senior executive at some of the world’s leading information companies, Dennis is experienced in structuring transactions involving intangible assets. He has participated in the acquisition, divestitures, or IPOs of more than four-dozen intellectual property companies. And as a professional industrial economist and micro-econometrician, Dennis has developed a proficiency in the design and application of quantitative models for use in asset allocation, industrial product line forecasting, and microeconomic pricing systems. At one time in his career, every one of the Fortune 500 industrial companies were his clients – simultaneously.

Dennis holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Economics; an M.P.A. in Political Economics; a M.Sc. in Military Science; and a B.A. in Economics, Philosophy and Mathematics.


leadership Ms. Sandra Quintero-Reyes is a Senior Level Executive with experience in management, business and working with Board of Directors and Attorneys. Her experience spans a formidable range of quantitative applications with strong skills in budgets, cash forecasts and business valuations. Areas of expertise in:

  • Financial and Strategic Planning
  • Budget Development & Management
  • Accounting & Financial Operations
  • Business Case Development
  • Startup Business
  • Staff Management & Development
  • Capital Structure
  • Corporate Record Keeping

In her former job at China Monitor, Inc. (CMI), Ms. Quintero-Reyes was the Secretary of the Board, Treasurer and Comptroller, where she was overseeing the company’s financial condition. While at CMI, she initiated, developed and directed administrative operations providing quality assurance and quality control. She was responsible for managing all personnel activities which included recruiting, hiring, reclassifications/promotions and salary management.

In these efforts she worked with Dr. G. Dennis O’Brien, an industrial micro-econometrician who was the Chief Executive Officer of China Monitor, and one of the founders of Data Resources, Inc. (DRI) based at Harvard University, and who was the Chairman of Wharton Econometrics, which he acquired from the University of Pennsylvania in 1980.

Ms. Quintero-Reyes graduated with an MBA in Finance from the University of Delaware. Sandra is a highly trained and experienced computer scientist and systems engineer. She graduated with distinction from the Catholic University of Colombia with two degrees in Systems Engineering.

She lives in Wilmington, Delaware with her husband Michael and her children Steven and Madeleine. She currently works at InfoVest, Inc. as the CFO. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security charter school.