InfoVest Overview

InfoVest is a venture capital fund with a unique business model. InfoVest invests in early stage 2 enterprises. However, unlike many venture funds, InfoVest also provides these companies with a marketing, selling, banking and legal infrastructure. To do this InfoVest creates a series of companies that augment the talents of the original founders of these startups. These “force multiplier” companies are called MarketLift companies. Each of InfoVest’sMarketLift companies is created with a specific industrial focus. These MarketLift companies take control of the marketing and selling for the startup companies products and services. They also provide their banking and legal services. This leaves the startup company to focus on the subject matter content where they have significant advantages. Thus the engineers and scientists who founded these companies can concentrate where they are the experts, and leave the commercialization to InfoVest’sMarketLift companies.

This business model provides early stage 2 companies: significantly reduced time to market; high volume throughput; order fulfillment that is not time sensitive; and freedom from a significant portion of CAPEX spending. InfoVest’s investor interests and the founder’s interests are further aligned through an exchange of ownership between the dedicated MarketLift companies and the stage 2 enterprises that are tasked with the production of these products.

Our target portfolio companies will be defendable by their intellectual properties. They will have the following attributes:

  • Command above average prices and profitsthrough IP fortified barriers to entry
  • Ability to disrupt the business models of the industries they are entering
  • Expertsthat are dedicated to their field of expertise
  • o Marketing and Sales will focus entirely on marketing and sales
    o Content experts will focus on content development and production

  • The ability to quickly create jobs for middle class, knowledge workers