Building a Better VC Model

Management at InfoVest recognized an opportunity to change the way a Venture Capital firm could impact the success of their portfolio companies. Dr. O’Brien and his team analyzed why. . . Read More

EB-5 As A Funding Resource

InfoVest is unusual for a company that is involved in EB-5 funding. However, InfoVest’s go to market strategy allows us to use EB-5 capital because our model drives job creation early in the life of the startup . . . Read More

The InfoVest Process

Like any Venture Capital firm, InfoVest analyzes numerous startups. But our analysis and value proposition is unique because of what we bring to the table. In practice, we start with the industry standard process . . . Read More

Dr. Dennis O’Brien on the Opportunities and Elements of the InfoVest Approach to Investing

By Dennis O'Bien

Dr. O’Brien details InfoVest’s strategy
to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden

Dr. O’Brien meets with U.S. President Obama to discuss economics

InfoVest Insight

We believe real risk does not come from production costs, which are well understood, but rather from the top line, which is significantly more elusive. InfoVest knows the difficulty faced by startups—they often lack capital and expertise when they are ready to go to market. By leveraging the successful sales and marketing expertise possessed by the senior management of InfoVest, we can drive revenue significantly earlier in the life cycle of a second stage company. At InfoVest, we know that a product isn’t good merely because it works. What makes a product truly good is sales and profitability..

"Bringing new products to market requires a full scale effort."

"Creating American jobs with foreign investment to grant permanent resident visas."

"Building a successful company means embracing diversity."