The InfoVest Process

Of vetting an early stage company. But then we develop a suite of business models. Using a comprehensive and flexible approach, we are then able to view various probabilities of success based on how much or how little help the startup actually needs. InfoVest provides a suite of services that immediately transforms the analysis, and then the actual startup. Financing and banking, marketing and sales, and business support and legal services—by combining these services in innovative ways, InfoVest can overcome the roadblocks new products typically encounter.

For example, say a startup produces a piece of equipment that substantially reduces a manufacturing company’s production costs. If the manufacturing company replaces adopts this new equipment, they will reap substantial profits over time. However, the manufacturing company has already made a capital investment, and has no line item for new production equipment. How do you overcome this client’s objections?

By financing the equipment using a bank loan, we can lease it, and immediately give the manufacturer additional profit. We’ve removed the necessity to make a large scale capital deployment. The only decision the manufacturing company must now make is whether they would like to start receiving a higher monthly cash flow.