Our focus is on intellectual property companies. That means protecting them with contracts. There is a saying in IP: Don’t worry about the person on the ladder next to you, worry about the one on your ladder, coming upbehind you.

That means that IP protected firms need the right kind of contracts. The ones signed with clients are important, of course, but not as important as the ones signed in-house. Filing copyright and patent protection is vitally necessary to protect production companies from employees taking ideas and concepts and going into competition against them.

InfoVestalso handles the legal work associated with EB-5’s.  Although the concept of EB-5 is fairly straightforward, it takes an experienced legal team to set up the EB-5 structure, vet the funding sources, and navigate the labyrinth of documentation to comply with SEC regulations.  This includes guiding investors through the immigration process, and educating them as to the realistic risks they are taking as Venture Capital investors.