Our Philosophy

At InfoVest, we believe that simply providing money to startups isn’t enough. Venture Capital is critically important to the economy.  Capital infusions provided by VC firms are the only reliable and sizeable source of monies that support innovations with high risk/reward profiles. Corporations are unwilling to invest in market disrupting innovations for several reasons. Innovation may disrupt their operations, for one, to say nothing of bureaucratic impediments. Pairing seasoned investors and entrepreneurs creates a powerful combination that brings new products and services to market quickly. And Venture Capital creates jobs like no other investment. While investment in venture-backed companies only equates to 0.1-0.2 percent of U.S. GDP each year, such companies employed 11% of the total U.S. private sector workforce. They also generate revenue equal to 21% of U.S. GDP.

InfoVest will give startups what can be termed the Goldilocks scenario: Significantly reduced time to market, high volume throughput, order fulfillment that is not time sensitive, and freedom from a significant portion of CAPEX spending.  Investor and producer interests are further aligned through an exchange of ownership between the two companies. Producers will have a stake in InfoVest, and InfoVest will, in turn, own a portion of the production company.

Our target portfolio companies will be defendable by their intellectual properties. They will have the following attributes:

  • Command above average prices and profitsthrough IP fortified barriers to entry
  • Ability to disrupt the business models of the industries they are entering
  • Expertsthat are dedicated to their field of expertise
    • Marketing and Sales will focus entirely on marketing and sales
    • Content experts will focus on content development and production
    • The ability to quickly create jobs for middle class, knowledge workers