InfoVest Financing

If money is money, then why choose InfoVest over another VC firm? What makes us different, really?  At InfoVest, we offer substantially more than capital infusions.  Ourmanagement possesses the understanding and expertise to structure financial engineering alternatives.  Perhaps more importantly, we do so in and open and transparent environment, one in which we se seek to educate our partners and build trust.  InfoVest knows that it is perceived risk, and not real risk, that leads to poor decision making.

When entering into an agreement with an entrepreneur, a VC firm may choose to either deceive or deal with them honestly.  InfoVest’sunique structure builds authenticity and transparency into our relationships with startups.  By undertaking the marketing and sales,we have a stake. And so do our production companies, who receive a share in InfoVest. Fair and equitable agreements.Transparent dealings.Two-way ownership. These are the things that make us different. By matching risk with the appropriate potential for reward, we provide the incentives entrepreneurs need for the long haul.