The InfoVest Value Proposition

InfoVest Dr. O'Brien

InfoVest is reinventing the VC model.Venture Capital is a long term investment, and the current VC model, which only goes out 5-7 years, is inappropriate because it doesn’t look at the life-cycle needs of its companies.
We seek to invest in early stage 2 companies with proven technology and entrepreneurs who are content experts. What is second stage financing really doing? It is investing in the survivors of the first 3 or 4 years. These concerns have absorbed risk, and they have new technologies.
A second stage company should have sales, and if they do not, it generally means that the business model has to be adjusted to the demands of the marketplace. By providing support with our expertise in finance and banking, marketing and sales, and legal services, InfoVest is giving startups a roadmap to success when they need it most. For entrepreneurs, this is a much better value proposition than a simple capital infusion.