Business Support Systems

Every business needs behind the scenes help—people handling IT systems, facilities management, bookkeeping and administrative duties.  This often includes establishing call centers to handle client support.  But startups often lack the fundsor available space (or both) to acquire such vitally necessary infrastructure.  Many companies, of course, handle the outsourcing of these services. Quality is not the big issue here, but value for price frequently falls short.  Until a production company reaches scale, they will underutilize the services they have paid for.

InfoVest offers such help to its portfolio companies because we realize three things:

1)      These services are absolutely indispensable to the proper functioning of any business

2)      Management at InfoVest has the necessary experience in setting up these critical support systems, which allows our companies to avoid common and costly mistakes

3)      By leveraging scale through a portfolio of companies, we can minimize costs across the entire range of services offered.