Commitment to Being a Better Corporate Citizen

InfoVest EB5  

We have all heard the bad news: The middle class is shrinking due to globalization, and outsourcing has changed American prospects for good. Yet, at InfoVest, we see opportunities in many industries, and we know how to create quality jobs in IP protected firms.

Specialized knowledge is critical to the success of a modern technological economy. And Intellectual property is truly an equal opportunity employer.Our management team has a track record of taking people with limited skill-sets, and transforming them into skilled knowledge workers. Working with data is a great equalizer. It doesn’t require brawn, or the right degree. Rather, it requires brains, and IQs are normally distributed. At InfoVest, we know that with the right training, individuals from all walks of life can participate in the knowledge economy. A level playing field isn’t some pie in the sky concept. It actually produces the best competitive result.