Building a Better VC Model

startup companies With truly innovative products still have such a low probability of success. Typically a VC firm will provide capital and management direction. They infrequently take on an actual managerial role in the business. Generally, it is left to the entrepreneurs to execute the strategy.

InfoVest realized that it was not the product, production costs, nor the initial capital that was at the heart of low success rates. Rather, the innovators of these companies were lacking skill sets in a number of key areas. At InfoVest, we believe that it is time for a change to the VC model. Addressing the missing elements within a business is key to a successful outcome. Here are the typical skills that startups lack: Sales and Marketing, Banking and Financing, and Business and Legal Services. InfoVest’smanagement has vast experience in these areas. Leveraging our expertise with innovative and disruptive products drives revenues earlier in the cycle, and makes for stronger and more successful companies.