Why should I immigrate through investment?

1. Since 1990 the American government has set up, implemented, and improved its laws regarding immigration through investment. As a long-term policy, EB-5 immigration through investment has been well recognized and welcomed by public and private sectors across the country. Compared with other countries which encourage immigration through investment, the American regulations in this regard are better defined and are consistent. Hence, risks are relatively small and the rate of successful immigration through investment is high.

2. As the strongest economy in the world and also as a world financial leader, America has a favorable industrial and business environment with a sound system of credit. All this will enable interested investors through immigration to succeed in business and will provide them with an international perspective for rewarding business experience in the United States.

3. Compared with other countries, America has a mature market protected by a sound legal system, which encourages fair competition。

4. Compared with other countries, the American EB-5 immigration through investment has been favorable to applicants, with no requirements for their business background, age group, level of education, as well as their knowledge of the English language.

5. The American EB-5 provides favorable terms. A successful investor applicant and his/her family (with unmarried children under the age of 21) will receive the Green Card at the same time. Furthermore, successful EB-5 investors can choose to reside anywhere in the country. They can also work or live in China (satisfying the required residence in the US) if they prefer to. They are free to enter and exit the country. There is no one to spy on them as immigrants.

6. Flexible EB-5 policies: Investors don’t have to set up a business themselves, nor do they have to get involved in business management in person.

7. Short application process: It takes only three to six months for an application to get approved and nine to twelve months to receive the Green Card.

8. Within five years after the receipt of the Green Card, investors can
apply for US Citizenship and receive an American passport.

9. Investors’ children will have full access to free K-12 education, which is definitely a plus.

10. American higher education is among the best in the world. The nation has many world-class universities and colleges, which are very highly ranked in all internationally renowned newspapers, journals, and media. Successful investors’ children will have good opportunities to enter these premier institutions.

11. More than 187 countries and regions in the world have no visa requirements for U.S. passport holders when they travel overseas. No other countries’ passports enjoy the same kind of privilege.

12.America is a country of beautiful land with favorable living conditions. The environment is well protected.

What are some of the primary benefits I am entitled to if I immigrate through investment?
Since 1936 the American government began to implement the Social Security Act. Over the past several decades, the Social Security has been improved as part of an overall social welfare system, which is one of the attractions for immigrants into the US. Like local residents, successful EB-5 investors and their families will have the same access to the Social Security and other state and federal social welfare programs such as follows:

1) Social Security
The Social Security is set up for working residents. Families of the working residents or those who used to work can also participate in the Social Security, which includes primarily Retirement Benefits, Survivor’s Benefits, Disability Benefits, and Medicare Benefits

2) Public Assistance
Aid, such as money or food, given to the blind, the aged, and the disabled with low-income or no income, as well as to homeless and other financially needy people. Each state has its own rules and policies for Public Assistance programs. Applicants will be screened for eligibility.

3) Unemployment Compensation
Individuals who are involuntarily out of work can apply for Unemployment Compensationregardless if they have savings or not. Normally, it is good for six to nine months. But it may vary from state to state.

4) Government Benefits for Pregnant Women and Their Children
The state and federal governments provide benefits and services for pregnant women and their children. These benefits are in the form of services or food coupons, but not cash.

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