InfoVest views Banking as one of the core tools in the sales process.  When properly used, project financing can dramatically transform the customer’s value perception.  A typical customer often remains reluctant, even when presented with a strong value proposition in the form of a new product or service.  Without a specific purchase order or mandate to buy, potential clients have a difficult time making the financial leap.  By arranging the financing of a project for the customer in advance, we can simplify the decision making process, and immediate improvements in NPV and Cash Flow.

InfoVest has used this type of transformational banking in a number of its business plans. A startup software company came to us. This concern found itself in the business of selling hardware to create a market for their product. Proper financing enabled them to immediately deliver a better value proposition to  clients. They got out of the screen selling business, and into selling software solutions, which is what they do best. They now sell on a value basis, and not a cost basis.

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